Strategy Masterclass:
Ironclad Masterclass in Effective Strategy.

Duration: 5 Days.

Cost: £10,000 excl. VAT and Expenses (Teams of up to 12 pax – £1,000 per participant).

Customisation: All of our standard courses can be customised to meet your specific requirements at no additional cost. We can also create an entirely bespoke strategy training programme for your team on request.

Bookings: Please contact us.

The Ironclad Strategy Masterclass is a combination of our three core training programmes – An Introduction to Planning, Implementing and Managing an Effective Strategy; The Tools and Techniques of Strategy Analysis; and Strategic Thinking for Senior Management – and gives an almost unprecedented grounding in strategy theory and practice for management teams over 5 consecutive days.

What Will We Learn?

During this course we give your team an in-depth, practical understanding of:

  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategy governance
    • Setting strategic direction
    • Developing strategic options
    • Selecting strategies
  • Strategy Implementation
    • Implementation planning
    • Developing performance criteria
    • Supporting change
  • Strategy Management
    • Strategy risk management
    • Environmental scanning
    • Monitoring and measuring performance
    • Adapting and changing a strategy
  • The Tools and Techniques of Strategy Analysis
    • Techniques for analysing goals and performance.
    • Industry analysis – From environment analysis (PESTEL) to industry analysis (Porter’s Five Forces) and beyond.
    • Resource and capability analysis – The role of resources and capabilities in strategy formulation.
    • Selecting the right tool for the job.
  • The Analysis of Competitive Advantage
    • Sources of competitive advantage.
    • Analysing cost advantage.
    • Analysing differentiation advantage.
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Developing a high performance board and senior management team
    • What it means to think strategically
    • How to develop a strategically-focused agenda
    • What tools and techniques can be used to enhance strategic thinking and decision-making.

Who Is It For?

Senior managers who wish to substantially increase their strategic capability, or those aspiring to careers in strategy. This course is appropriate to all organisations, both large and small, and of any type.

How Will My Company Benefit?

Without a robust approach to strategy, organisations run the very real risk of catastrophic failure. For this reason alone there is a compelling reason to address this gap.

Additionally, market analysts, investors and financiers are paying increasing attention, and applying increasing weight, to the strategic capabilities (and maturity) of organisations. An organisation that thinks about, plans and manages strategy well represents reduced risk and is increasingly attractive and sought-out.

Why Does This Programme Stand Out?

  • Calibre and credentials of course leaders – professional strategists with significant real-world, global experience in a wide variety of sectors. Our course leaders have been there and done it.
  • Our content selection is based upon what actually works and is used to great effect by the top strategic operators in the market. We do not teach emerging theoretical academic models with little evidence of practical application or proven value.
  • Experiential learning – all concepts, tools and techniques are explored through the use of case studies.

Course Details.

Course: Ironclad Masterclass in Effective Strategy.

Duration: 5 days.

Fee: £10,000 ex. VAT and expenses.

Location: Client premises.


To make a booking please contact us.