Strategic Thinking Challenge.

It is often very difficult for busy senior managers to take time out from their day-to-day responsibilities to think strategically and plan effectively for the future of their business. It is even harder for senior management teams to do this in a collaborative and coordinated way.

All organisations know the value that an effective strategy will bring. Most also know the significant risks that the lack of an effective strategy will expose the organisation to. So how can senior management teams learn to work together strategically?

Our solution is through a Strategic Thinking Challenge.

Ironclad Strategy’s Strategic Thinking Challenge is a single day event comprising a programme of thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring presentations from 4 leading strategy experts, as well as activities and discussions designed to enhance the strategic thinking capabilities of your leadership and senior management team.

Each Strategic Thinking Challenge is custom developed to meet our client’s specific needs. The presenters we select (in consultation with our clients) have direct experience in the industry, sector or challenges faced by our client. Discussions and activities are designed to support effective strategic thinking specifically around the critical issues or challenges being faced by our clients.

Our Strategic Thinking Challenges are highly popular events for senior management teams – very few other team programmes add as much real value to an organisation’s performance.

For further information on our Strategic Thinking Challenges, please contact us on 0800 865 4736 or by email.